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GSA Federal Supply Service Schedule for Professional Engineering Services (871)

Contract No. GS-23F-0372K

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Contract Overview


Contract Special Item Numbers (SINs)


871-2 Concept Development and Requirements Analysis


Engineering Services Available


Labor Categories and Rates


Ordering Instructions


Company Overview



Contract Overview

TWWG was awarded a Federal Supply Schedule contract for Professional Engineering Services (PES), Contract No. GS-23F-0372K, from the General Services Administration (GSA). The current Contract Period is August 8, 2015 through August 7, 2020. The TWWG contract provides for task orders to be placed as fixed price (FP) or time and material (T&M) using the labor categories and ceiling rates defined below. Task orders may be placed for performance worldwide.


The TWWG contract is available for use by all federal government agencies and specified organizations.  Executive agencies, other Federal agencies, mixed ownership Government corporations, and the District of Columbia; Government contractors authorized in writing by a Federal agency pursuant to 48 CFR 51.1; and other activities and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply may use this contract.  Contractors are encouraged to accept orders received from activities within the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. GSA Eligibility Order 4800.2H, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services [PDF, 150KB] provides detailed information regarding the agencies and organizations that are eligible to use GSA Schedule contracts.


Contract Special Item Numbers (SINs)

The SIN available under the TWWG contract provides for services across the life cycle of an engineering project.   The TWWG contract is for services provided for the SIN described below:


871-2 Concept Development and Requirements Analysis

Services required under this SIN involve abstract or concept studies and analysis, requirements definition, preliminary planning, the evaluation of alternative technical approaches and associated costs for the development or enhancement of high level general performance specifications of a system, project, mission or activity. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to requirements analysis, cost/cost-performance trade-off analysis, feasibility analysis, regulatory compliance support, technology conceptual designs, training, privatization and outsourcing.


Example:  The development and analysis of the total mission profile and life cycle of the improved satellite including examination of performance and cost tradeoffs.

Inappropriate use of this SIN is providing professional engineering services not specifically related to concept development and requirements analysis and its associated disciplines.


Engineering Services Available

Under the TWWG contract with GSA, TWWG provides engineering services under the Mechanical Engineering Primary Engineering Discipline (PED). The engineering services available from TWWG through this contract are safety engineering and risk analysis, including human performance engineering and process safety management and risk management.


Labor Categories

TWWG offers one labor category described here:


Labor Category

Project Position



Managing Consultant

Project management and expert consultation

Extensive experience in managing and providing expert consulting to similar projects.  Demonstrated expertise in the project area.Published papers in appropriate technical journals or conferences.

Minimum 10 years prior experience.

High level academic degree, Ph.D., or Masters level in areas of expertise.


Labor Rates

GSA labor category

8/8/2015 to 8/7/2016

8/8/2016 to 8/7/2017

8/8/2017 to 8/7/2018

8/8/2018 to 8/7/2019

8/8/2019 to 8/7/2020

Managing consultant






The GSA has determined that the rates for services contained in the contractor's price list applicable to this schedule are fair and reasonable.  However, the ordering office using this contract is responsible for considering the level of effort and mix of labor proposed to perform specific task being ordered and for making a determination that the total firm-fixed price or ceiling price is fair and reasonable.

The WreathWood Group acknowledges that the Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable to this contract as it applies to the entire Professional Engineering Services Schedule and all services provided. While no specific SCA labor categories have been identified, this contract still maintains the provisions and protections for SCA eligible labor categories and the contractor will ensure that all employees that fall under the provisions of the SCA will be compensated in accordance with the applicable wage determination(s) for the location(s) in which the work is performed. If and/or when the contractor adds SCA labor categories/employees to the contract through the modification process, the contractor must inform the Contracting Officer and establish a SCA matrix identifying the GSA labor category titles, the occupation code, SCA labor category titles and the applicable wage determination number. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the contract.

Ordering Information

Please refer to the GSA website for specific ordering information:


The following paragraphs describe the process ordering offices use to acquire TWWG services.


A request for quotes should be prepared which includes the performance-based statement of work and requests the contractors to submit either a firm-fixed price or a ceiling price to provide the services outlined in the statement of work.  The request for quotes shall notify the contractors what basis will be used for selecting the contractor to receive the order.  The notice shall include the basis for determining whether the contractors are technically qualified and provide an explanation regarding the intended use of any experience and/or past performance information in determining technical acceptability of responses.


Based upon an initial evaluation of catalogs and price lists, the ordering office should identify the contractors that appear to offer the best value and request for quotes should be provided to three (3) contractors. For proposed orders exceeding the maximum order threshold, the request for quotes should be provided to more than three contractors.


After responses have been evaluated against the factors identified in the request for quotes, the order should be placed directly with the schedule contractor that represents the best value and results in the lowest overall cost alternative (considering price, special qualifications, administrative costs, etc.) to meet the Government's needs.


The establishment of Federal Supply Schedule Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for recurring services is permitted when the procedures outlined herein are followed. The potential volume of orders under BPAs, regardless of the size of individual orders, may offer the ordering office the opportunity to secure volume discounts.  When establishing BPAs ordering offices shall Inform contractors in the request for quotes (based on the agency's requirement) if a single BPA or multiple BPAs will be established, and indicate the basis that will be used for selecting the contractors to be awarded the BPAs.


Company Overview

The WreathWood Group (TWWG) is an independent organization providing technical and management services to the electric power industry and to other industries such as chemical processing and transportation.  The WreathWood Group is the joint venture of two small businesses: John Wreathall & Co. (founded 1991) and Buttonwood Consulting, Inc. (founded 1994). The joint venture was formed in 1995 to combine the expertise of the principals, John Wreathall and Dennis Bley. James Reason is also an associate of TWWG.  The WreathWood Group is affiliated with other individuals and companies to offer a depth of experience and project team that may not otherwise be expected.